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Zimbabwe China Business Council

The Zimbabwe China Business Council Trust is a non-profitmaking organisation founded in 2011, to facilitate business between entrepreneurs in both countries, through various initiatives, activities for trade and investments.


The objects for which the Trust is established are:


To engage government to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship by providing practical business tools to facilitate trade and investments links between the two countries.


To work with China Africa Business Council to enable the imparting of good business practices to ensure that Zimbabwe China business activities contribute towards the poverty reduction and human development in both Zimbabwe and China.


To create a Comprehensive Information Centre which is easily accessible to the Chinese and Zimbabwean Communities.


To create a dynamic marketing agency to enhance awareness of the business opportunities available through the Trust either as business people or as potential customers.


To provide advisory and consultancy services for new investors through its affiliate body of China Africa Business Council.


To organize reciprocal business missions to facilitate business meetings, discussions and study tours etc., for purposes of evaluating business opportunities in the respective member countries.


To organize seminars and training workshops to provide opportunities for experience sharing, learning and understanding of market conditions and practices of member country economic environments to improve competitiveness in the global market.


To hold reciprocal marketing and Technological Exhibitions and Fares in both Zimbabwe and China to promote investments and market awareness.


To facilitate the creation of Partnerships and Joint Ventures between Zimbabweans and Chinese companies.


To establish a Strategic Fund to provide financial resource mobilization   to the emerging business entities.


To carry out fund raising activities through various foras and where appropriate approach friendly Corporate Bodies to sponsor the activities of the Trust.


To participate in business operations, to purchase and acquire movable and immovable property in order to further the objects of the Trust;


To invest the assets of the Trust Fund in such a manner as the Trustees deem fit;


To do all things as are necessary and incidental to the promotion of the afore going objects or any one of them



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Email: zimchina(at)