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A Company Profile is a Must for Business Growth in Zimbabwe

A Company Profile is a must have for business growth in dynamically expanding economic territories in Africa, as it is elsewhere. Business in Africa is fast becoming demanding as most economies are on empowerment drivers of local entrepreneurs, and that creating a rise in the supply of alternatives for consumers.

Hence, it is of a vital necessity that one distinguishes their business by giving consumers a Company Profile.


But what is it, exactly? 


Essentially, it just talks about the company including its date of establishment, where it is registered to do business in, and what its main products are. It also includes any references to materials that give an overview about the company's image and reputation. 


A Company Profile should be well-researched by a team of specialists who have expertise in writing profiles for business entities. The profile should be written concisely to make reading easy for audiences without too much information or embellishment. It could include various aspects like environmental impact or sustainability practices which would make the profile more attractive to prospective investors looking for companies with good reputations as well as smaller firms who need assistance with their search process.


A business profile is a quick overview of your business, allowing different groups of people to get a general idea of what your product or service is, your target market, unique strengths, profile, and more. track record and whether it is a good entity to do business with. In addition to stating facts about a business, a business profile should go beyond that. It must be well-written to convey the prevailing values and corporate culture that gives the organization a distinctive character. The demonstration of how effective the business is in meeting the needs of its customers or customers is also reflected in a good business record.


An attractive company profile design says a lot about the business you are presenting. In addition to content, design is also a key factor in creating a good company profile. It is best to hand this work over to professionals as they are very good at presenting their ideas in the result. the profiling company based in South Africa, is a business dedicated to writing, designing and promoting company profiles in Africa. is a company that aims to enhance the profile of companies by providing services which include writing Company profiles, digital brochures and innovative designs for company profiles across the African continent. 


Zimbabwe's leading online company profiles, GetAProfile provides full-service solutions for branding businesses, boosting their search engine results and creating an attractive corporate image with global presence. The GetAProfile team has experience in the area of marketing strategies, brand development, website design and search engine optimization (SEO), and infuses these into each company profile they create.


Some of the Company Profiles they have designed recently for South African businesses include Construction companies such as Africa Facade Access (Pty) Ltd and Nsombik Trading and Projects (Pty) Ltd, Pharmaceutical companies like Genesis Pharmaceuticals, Accounting firms like Setbooks Accounting Solutions, and Technology companies like 24 Hour Website (Pty) Ltd.


Africa Façade Access (Pty) Ltd specializes in rope access and scaffolding solutions within the South African market. The company is led by experts in construction and facade projects with experience in Ghana, Germany and the South African construction and building maintenance industries.


Nsombik Trading and Projects (Pty) Ltd, established in 2018, is an emerging wholly black owned business involved in projects, construction, branding, and general trading in all aspects, in South Africa.


Setbooks Accounting Solutions is an accounting services company in Fourways that also specializes in bookkeeping, full accounting, internal auditing, independent reviews, and business advisory services.


24 Hour Website (Pty) Ltd is a Web Hosting, Web Design and Social Media Advertising company based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, providing a full range of digital solutions, at affordable price, using the latest trends and technologies.


Start-Up, Medium and Large scale, there are no types of businesses that cannot profile and promote online, as they have partnered with a media company with business magazines in several African countries called Cabanga Media Group. Such a synergy makes it easy to create a global presence, with local relevance for new clients of as they are instantly published in select countries to ensure effective search engine optimisation.


Consistent in these company profiles, is the simplicity of language, understandable by all, yet keeping professionalism, and fused with a creative and corporate feel to layout. These are the key traits that strives to give to each company profile it writes.


There is business in South Africa, and prospects for new and profitable business, but that requires companies to be organised; this beginning with their company profile, as mentioned above. The benefits of having a well-written profile for your company are enormous, it is the first step to shaping your company brand. A well-written business profile is like an online shop window.


If you are interested in having your business profiled or have any questions, feel free to download the portfolio below, or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call them on +27 84 600 2828. Connect with them on Facebook, and Instagram


Source: Graciela Garcia, GetAProfile