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Milborrow: The Animal Health Kings in Africa

Animal Health in Africa is big business, as livestock business owners are increasing, and at the core of their product choice is Milborrow, the brand that has led the industry across Africa since the 1886 in Africa.

Milborrow Animal Health was formed in 1886, and the company operates within the animal health industry. Its core business is to develop, manufacture and distribute products in the farming industry. The products range from antibiotics, vaccines, and worm remedies to dips and other veterinary products, as well as organic fertilizers.  Milborrow Animal Health (Zimbabwe) Private limited (MAH) started operating in Zimbabwe since 1957, and has established a reputable name in the SADC region. Milborrow Animal Health Ltd has its headquarters in Mauritius. 

Milborrow Animal Health Ltd (Mauritius) is the financial facilitator and acts as the distribution hub for the SADC and Indian Ocean Islands (IOI) regions for ensuring that every region receives the highest quality products offered through the Milborrow Animal Health range. Milborrow Animal Health provides different products for both the Veterinary Industry & Agricultural Industry, and ensures that its products are of the highest quality at all times. 

Milborrow Animal Health strives to be a leader in Intellectual Property Protection for its registered products as this helps counterfeit and fake products from using its brand name to enter the market. Milborrow Animal Health has a range of its own branded products, and also has a registered CGMP manufacturing facility for production of acaricides.

The company operates within the livestock and agrochemicals industries in Africa. Its core business is to develop, manufacture and distribute products in the farming industry. The products range from antibiotics, vaccines, and worm remedies to dips and other veterinary products. Its agrochemical wing markets and distributes agricultural chemicals which include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. 

In Zimbabwe, Milborrow Animal Health has several divisions, that include Milborrow Animal Health (Retail out-let with in-house Veterinary surgeon), Agro Chemicals Africa P/L, Pennvet Wholesaler (with an in-house veterinary surgeon), Medvet Factory (GMP Zimbabwe with an in-house veterinary surgeon), and a Laboratory, Hitet Dairy Centre (Analytical chemists and milk specialist). 

Milborrow is currently servicing tens of thousands of regular customers and host of individual farmers across the continent of Africa. The company is enjoys a sizeable market share, and is rated as one largest veterinary and agrochemicals maker and wholesaler in several African markets. 

Milborrow procures and markets over 50 veterinary products which include various types of prescription and over-the-counter products from different external manufacturers who include Norbrook and Bayer (Pvt) Ltd, amongst others. Their well-known brands include HITET 120, HITET 200, HITET 300, HI-B, HI - PIRAZINE, MILBI - WORM, MASTEST, LIQUID PARAFFIN, and many more. 

It also markets more than 25 agricultural chemicals.

With a qualified and dedicated staff compliment, Milborrow Animal Health has several key professionals or renown in the pharmaceutical industry in Zimbabwe and Africa, that include Dr. Suketu Naik, the pharmaceuticals genius entrepreneur, that has led the family business to its current continental heights.

Dr. Naik is a veterinarian by profession and also holds a Master in Business Administration degree (MBA). He has non-executive directorships with MBCA Bank, Zimnat and Yakub Chemist (UK), BC Inventories (USA) and Avakash International Group Holdings (SA). 

In Milborrow Animal Health, research and development form an essential role in the company's strategic growth, with its scientific staff that has developed and registered a wide range of agrochemicals and veterinary products. Their intellectual property registrations have gone regional.

In recognition of the increasing regulatory requirements, Milborrow Animal Health established its own registration laboratory to conduct in-house research on product stability. The laboratory also does contract analysis for milk and water. This section of the laboratory known as the Hitet Dairy Centre has attracted a large spectrum of farmers and milk producers who in the past had to find such service from South Africa. 

Milborrow manufacturing unit Medvet (cGMP) supported by the in-house laboratory has started to develop its own products and dossier are being sent for registration with the authorities. During the development and growth of the company the strategy remains the same. To develop, produce, register and market the high-quality range of products. 

Milborrow Animal Health is a member of the One Health Holdings Limited. The core business of One Health Holdings is healthcare for Human, Animal and Environmental health with the intent to integrate manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution, importation and retail businesses with future growth into e-health and digital health. 

The establishment of One Health as a company is premised on the fact that nearly 75% of human diseases in emerging markets, particularly in Africa come from veterinary and environmental health. As such the company has been called One Health as it dwells in human, veterinary and environmental health.

One Health Holdings Limited is based in Bon Air, Mauritius.

Source: One Health Holdings